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Baxta - The Five Ps of Painting Perfection

Baxta – The Five Ps of Painting Perfection

Seek advice from anyone who has achieved success in their chosen field and there is a fair chance they will reference the Five Ps – Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

While they may not mention the saying verbatim, there is an inevitable link between the hard work one makes before a sporting event, exam or presentation and the result that follows.

The same thing rings true when it comes to painting – proper preparation of surfaces helps ensure the perfect finish.

A coat of primer may seem like an unnecessary expense but it will always be a worthwhile investment because priming or using an undercoat not only smooths the surface but increases the time taken for the paint to break down, particularly when dealing with exteriors and the challenges posed by weather.

At Baxta, we have dedicated countless hours and resources to not only producing the best paints but fostering unique knowledge and expertise in paints, renders and textures and how they should be applied.

As our clients well know, the beauty of working with us is they receive peace of mind knowing the substrates on their projects have been coated with the correct systems using products that meet Australian standards, giving their buildings excellent durability and lowering ongoing maintenance costs.

To truly let their buildings shine, it is essential to properly prepare the surfaces using one of our three different types of primers and undercoats.

They all deliver great results and they are all unique.

Baxta Sealer Undercoat: a premium acrylic sealer undercoat, this excellent product is designed to deliver maximum hiding and filling properties on interior surfaces and forms the ideal base for superior finishing with water-based and solvent-based topcoats on broad-wall surfaces. Baxta Sealer Undercoat is an easy-to-apply, self-levelling undercoat that requires minimal sanding.

Baxta Covacoat Primer: a multipurpose interior/exterior primer, sealer and undercoat, Baxta Covacoat primer offers superb coverage, exceptional gloss holdout and brilliant adhesion to surfaces, including previously painted enamel. With an environmentally aware formulation that delivers almost no odor and very low VOC, it is easy to use, quick drying and offers excellent filling and sanding properties, with the convenience of water wash-up. It can also be topcoat with either water-based or oil-based paints.

Baxta Concrete Solvent Primer: a solvent-based acrylic primer designed to eliminate uneven substrate absorption on dense or difficult substrates, thus ensuring optimum adhesion of texture coating systems.

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