ProColour COMING SOON to Baxta!

ProColour COMING SOON to Baxta!

What is Colour

“Colour is an alchemical force: one with the ability to change a space, a mood or even a mindset”

Not hocus - pocus, it’s true and it’s especially so in architectural and interior design, in fact colour affects our experiences as powerfully - if not more powerfully - than it does in other designs. But it does more: Colour enhances the architectural form, when you need both the psychological and aesthetic effects of colour you are able to create awe inspiring design.

Colour Trends

A colour trend is a direction. It is a developing awareness or an emerging preference for a colour or several colours, therefore, a colour trend can change the way we think about a colour and how we purchase consumer goods. In short, we constantly communicate via the medium of colour.

 The Psychology of Colour Trends

The novelty of a colour creates a desire for a colour, typically an emerging colour is quite different to from what preceded it, following a trend is an opportunity to experience something fresh and exciting “variety is the spice of life.” perhaps this explains why we welcome a new colour and why this generates market activity.

There are tends for every industry sector, there might be one set of colours for the automotive industry and quite a different set of colours for fashion or interior design.

Of even greater significance is that of different cultures, geographical regions, genders and age groups may embrace unique trends and may react differently to “global trends” consequently, the diversity of colour trends is as great as the media that influence them. 

Fear no colour but think before you colour!

Baxta ProColour, delivering a colour collection with nothing missing, offering emerging colour trends, helping to shape colour.