We Specify Systems, Not Products.


An exciting addition to the Baxta family.
Baxta Engineered Coatings prides itself on providing the best and safest quality system to the construction industry.
Your building property or infrastructure is not just a structure, it is an important financial investment that has the potential to serve you comfort and a sound financial investment.
The effects of different lighting on paint colours can have a huge impact and it’s one you would rather discover when the swatch is still in your hand as opposed to when the paint is on the wall.
As experts in all things painting, the team at Baxta can attest there are a range of essentials you need to consider before applying paint to any brick surface.
From the baking sun and torrential rain to icy snow or salt and sand depending on where one lives, an exterior coating will increase the lifespan of a building by protecting and strengthening the substrate.
Seek advice from anyone who has achieved success in their chosen field and there is a fair chance they will reference the Five Ps – Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.
From General Manager Bob Matthews down, we’ve been charged with building on a legacy that began in 2014 when Usher Group decided to create its own paint and will continue long after we’re gone.
At Baxta you get all of those things and more, and that’s because Baxta is about more than just paint and coatings.
So you want to know the Baxta story? The reason one of Australia’s leading commercial painters was inspired to launch its very own brand of paint? Well, it’s simple really – we wanted to focus on the entire system; not just on tins of paint.
When you talk about leadership in the coatings industry, you talk about Bob Matthews. He’s a man with more than 30 years of experience in the industry.