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Introducing Baxta ProColour

We’re proud to announce this exciting addition to the Baxta system; our 70 strong ProColour collection.

As the largest Australian owned paint brand supplying the commercial construction industry, our respect for the unique paint and coatings needs of the nation’s architects and developers was the start point for this colour system.

This idea of creating ProColour for our clients grew into a bigger project than we imagined. No shortcuts were taken as we analysed how the big picture influences from climate challenges to Covid-19 are impacting Australians, and how this would ultimately manifest in their colour preferences.

As we worked through this process, the concept of ‘protection’ emerged as the defining theme to the collection. From protecting the environment, to protecting our wellbeing, to the more recent, yet acute, focus on protecting our immediate physical health.

In ProColour you may note an absence of some colour groups as we found no place for the transient or showy. What we did focus on was creating a colour toolkit for architects and developers for the medium term. This is why you’ll find a cohesive range of simple greyscales, whites with defined undertones and colours that are recognisable from the Australian landscape.

The colours are grouped with professional specifiers in mind too, as they flow through each colour family from whites and lights through mid-tones and into darks.

Our mission was to create a colour collection to compliment the investment that developers and architects make in bringing their projects to life. In short, Baxta ProColour wasn’t developed for Baxta, ProColour was developed for them.

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