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Project Report - Coastal Environment

Project Report – Coastal Environment

Coastal Environment

Project – Coastal Environment Systems
Builder – Leading Tier One
Paint and Render Manufacturer – Baxta

As a paint and render manufacturer that specifies systems, not products, Baxta was particularly pleased to receive this recent feedback from a builder that engaged us on a special project.

“You guys are ahead of the competition with your systems,” he said.

The project has seen our team of experts working with the quality manager from a leading tier one builder to deliver systems that help reduce the environmental impact of salt spray on a new build in coastal environments.

In particular, there were two key susceptible areas – and two innovative solutions on our behalf.

Soffits/Drip Lines
This is where concrete cancer is prevalent in most coastal builds, with Baxta now specifying an Anti-Carbonation Coating that limits the amount of environmental particles such as sodium and pollution reaching the substrate, most often apparent on off-form concrete balcony soffits and drip lines. When used with regular building maintenance such as washing down and quick repair of damaged coatings, this system will provide greater long-term protection of the building – and more smiles for our building partners.

Door Frames and Jambs
Corrosion of steel door frames and jams has been a huge problem for a long time in coastal areas, not only costing builders significant dollars in rectification costs but the headaches that come with such expenses. To slow the pollutants reaching the substrate, Baxta now specifies Two Pack Epoxy Undercoats with a high-build Polyurethane top coat, thus providing the best coating system available to slow the corrosion potential with new builds.

We do more than just sell paint at Baxta. We come up with solutions and, as you can see, our partners sure appreciate it.

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