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Summit Apartments, Frank Street Labrador

Summit Apartments, Frank Street Labrador

Building Exterior 

Baxta cement renders are being delivered and applied to this ultimate coastal sanctuary featuring a unique design enhanced by the use of the beautiful Baxta render and Elastomeric finishes. 

The developers were looking for an elegant, cleaner, sophisticated look complemented by the movement of the ocean across the road. In addition to this, eye-catching colours brought to life through unique systems. 

The building features architectural grooves around the perimeter with four different substrate materials used on the exterior (F.C. Sheeting, Precast Panel, Off form Concrete, Block). The challenge for Bob Matthews and the Baxta team was in providing a render system compatible with all four substrates to exhibit a similar appearance. 


Summit Tradie


FC Sheeting 

a) Set joints with Prep and Patch meshed, Baxta Sahara, Baxta Elastomeric 

Precast Panel 

b) Concrete Solvent Primer, Baxta Sahara, Baxta Elastomeric 

Off Form Concrete 

c) Concrete Solvent Primer, Baxta Sahara, Baxta Elastomeric 


d) Baxta SLR with recessed Architectural grooves, Baxta CCP, Baxta Elastomeric 




Building Interior 

The Summit Apartments feature 83 stunning 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments catering to all lifestyles. This sophisticated development chose to use Baxta Engineered Architectural interior systems to withstand the harsh coastal environment offered up from the ocean, along with durable finishes to withstand playful children. 

Choosing timeless neutral colour tones for the interior walls, ceilings and trims helped to compliment the modern interior fit-out, the Baxta colours provided the finishing touches to an elegant residential space. 


a) Baxta Sealer Undercoat, Baxta ProTrade Ceiling White, Baxta ProTrade Ceiling White 


b) Baxta Sealer Undercoat, Baxta Xero Plus, Baxta Xero Plus. 

Doors, Door Frames, Skirting 

c) Baxta Sealer Undercoat, Baxta Acratrim Satin, Baxta Acratrim Satin 

Along with the Baxta 10-year warranty for their paint systems, Baxta also provides a comprehensive maintenance guide. The Baxta maintenance guide is a comprehensive guide on how to keep your building looking beautiful and maintaining the value of your asset 

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