We Specify Systems, Not Products.
The Baxta Difference

The Baxta Difference

So you want to know the Baxta story? The reason one of Australia’s leading commercial painters was inspired to launch its very own brand of paint?

Well, it’s simple really – we wanted to focus on the entire system; not just on tins of paint.

Back in 2014, having grown from a one-man painting business into a construction and trades giant, the team at Usher Group wanted to take a more holistic approach and use a paint system they knew would work, especially for tier one high-rise construction.

So, being the innovators they are, they decided to create their own paint.

The thing about Baxta though is it’s more than just a brand of paint and the people who work there are more than just paint suppliers.

Instead, they provide a complete solution and offer an entire specification for architects, builders and painting contractors who want the best results for their projects.

Specialising in major construction projects, the Baxta team works with clients to ensure building finishes, both interior and exterior, are correctly matched to the different substrates used throughout a project.

They not only boast an array of top-quality products but the unique knowledge of and expertise in paints, renders and textures, to know how they should be applied and in which order, to the many varieties of materials used in the building industry.

And that means peace of mind for clients who know the substrates on their projects have been coated with the correct systems using products that meet Australian standards, provide excellent durability and lower ongoing maintenance costs.

That unwavering commitment to meet a client’s entire needs – and not just supply their paint – has seen Baxta become a leader in the commercial tier one marketplace during the past four years, particularly in Queensland.

We’re talking the completion of more than 100 tier one and tier two construction projects, from high-rise towers, hospitals and shopping centres to retirement villages and entertainment precincts.

Pacific Fair and The Star Casino on the Gold Coast, the 98-storey Brisbane Sky Tower and Newstead Towers, Sunshine Coast University Hospital and Kawana Shopping World, the Byron Bay and Lismore hospitals in New South Wales, a three-tower project in Port Melbourne – the list goes on.

Best of all, this is just the beginning.

Having focused on projects near its Queensland base, Baxta is now supplying into the Melbourne CBD market with Sydney and major regional centres along the East Coast set to follow – and that can only be a good thing for an industry that wants more than just paint when it comes time to paint.

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