We Specify Systems, Not Products.
The Baxta Way - More Than Just Paint

The Baxta Way – More Than Just Paint

It goes without saying that when you require tens of thousands of litres of paint for a commercial job, you want more than just paint.

You want an entire system backed up by expert advice. You want the latest technology to ensure lasting durability. Most of all, you want peace of mind.

At Baxta you get all of those things and more, and that’s because Baxta is about more than just paint and coatings.

Since 2014, when a concerned group of businesspeople looked at the lack of competition in this market, they decided to create Baxta, a company that would be a creditable alterative to the monopoly currently experienced in this space. we have been working with architects, builders and painters who require systems rather than just products ensuring the best protection for their buildings, both interior and exterior regardless of substrate

Our commitment to staying up to date with technology and product developments in our field means we are able to always provide the best solutions and systems for each project’s substrate coatings, while the adoption of strict guidelines for product review and assessment ensures we comply with the highest environmental standards, conform to Australian Manufacturing Standards, along with APAS approvals

It’s all about exceeding client expectations in everything we do, with excellent customer service coupled with a duty of care to our clients and their customers in carrying out our work to the highest standards.

Put simply, close enough is never good enough at Baxta.

Innovation, customer service, peace of mind – that’s what you get when you work with Baxta, not to mention substrates that have been coated with the correct systems using products that meet Australian standards, provide excellent durability and lower ongoing maintenance costs.

From humble beginnings, Baxta is now a leading supplier into the commercial tier one and two marketplaces, particularly in Queensland, and that hasn’t happened by chance.

It’s happened because someone had a vision for a better painting solution and, more importantly, assembled a team of experts and hard-working people to make it a reality.

Several years on and that team is continuing to lead the way when it comes to not only paint but the systems behind it – and that is good news for all of us.

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