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The Expertise Behind Baxta

The Expertise Behind Baxta

When you talk about leadership in the coatings industry, you talk about Bob Matthews.

He’s the man with the words ‘Baxta – General Manager’ on his business card but, more importantly, he’s a man with more than 30 years’ experience in an ever-changing industry where experience counts for everything.

From protective coatings, trade and retail to metal coatings, timber, marine and emerging technologies like UV cured coatings, Bob has held leadership positions within top Australian paint and manufacturers across several markets.

Of course these days he calls Baxta home, overseeing a company that, only four years since launching, has become a leader in the commercial tier one marketplace, particularly in Queensland.

And it’s done that by being more than just a paint supplier and instead providing a complete solution and offering an entire specification for clients who want the best results for their projects.

Specialising in major construction projects, Baxta has not only created its own brand of paint but a client-first culture based on knowledge, collaboration and customer service that ensures building finishes are correctly matched to the different substrates used throughout a project.

Like all great leaders, Bob has a few non-negotiables when it comes to Baxta’s commitments to its clients. Crucially, each of them also helps foster a positive and ethical work environment.

He is committed to ‘Environmental Protection’, with strict guidelines for product review and assessment to ensure the company always complies with the highest standards.

‘Excellent Customer Service’ means staff strive to exceed expectations in everything they do, while he also demands a ‘Duty of Care’ to clients and their customers by performing to the highest standards.

As Bob says: “Close enough is never good enough.”

Finally, he is passionate about ‘Innovation’ with Baxta committed to technological and product developments so it can always provide the best solutions for each project’s substrate coatings.

Baxta is proud of its people and how they have helped grow the company from a mere vision in 2014 to an industry leader that has completed more than 100 tier one and tier two construction projects.

Such success doesn’t happen without an incredible team effort – and without an inspiring team leader.

In Bob Matthews, Baxta has the right man for the job.

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