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The History of ProColour

Our 70 strong Baxta ProColour collection was curated by analyzing how big-picture influences, from climate challenges to COVID-19, have impacted Australians, and how this would ultimately manifest in their colour preferences for the future.

We found the global and regional drivers were broadly aligned: political and economic uncertainty, climate change, sustainability, and of course, what a post-COVID landscape might look like, have largely influenced Australian interior and exterior colour directions.

Responses to these drivers from the Australian public were both protective and reactive, with a dominance for protection.

Baxta ProColour embodies Australia’s desire to protect the planet through sustainable lifestyle choices and self-protection in the form of wellbeing trends, giving rise to a surge of nature-inspired colours that make up the Baxta ProColour collection. There is also a notable nostalgia for a slower pace and simpler times, our colours seen through a diffusing filter, appearing desaturated and soft.

Our colour interpretations are also influenced by light, and the Australian geographic landscape, local materials, lifestyle, and culture.

Future-facing colour directions will see a return to clarity with cool whites and fresher blues and greens, these colours reflecting an increased awareness of the importance of clean air and water. Crucially, post-pandemic environments that visually cue hygiene and cleanliness will be welcomed.

In Australia, this freshness does not dominate but is used as a clean canvas for natural, traditional materials.

As the largest Australian-owned paint brand supplying the commercial construction industry, our respect for the unique paint and coatings needs of the nation’s architects and developers was another crucial consideration for launching this colour system.

We focused on creating a colour toolkit for architects and developers for the medium-term by providing a cohesive range of commercial trend colours from simple greyscales, whites with defined undertones and colours that are recognisable from the Australian landscape.

The colours were grouped with professional specifiers in mind too, as they flow through each colour family from whites and lights through mid-tones and into darks.

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