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The Importance of Certification

Residents of the recently completed Summit Apartments along with the many other projects our Baxta Screeded Level Render (SLR) has been applied to can sleep well knowing this product conforms to the National Construction Code (NCC) AS 1530.1 relating to fire hazard non-combustible material.

Since May 1st 2019, the NCC requires elements of external walls, including their components, to be non-combustible for buildings of type A or B construction. Components of external walls include:

  • Facade covering (e.g render and external cladding)
  • Framing
  • Insulation

What does non-combustible mean?

Australian Standards are published documents setting out specifications and procedures designed to ensure products, services and systems are safe, reliable and consistently perform the way they are intended to. They establish a minimum set of requirements that define quality and safety criteria.

AS 1530.1 is a small-scale material fire test involving immersing a small sample of the material in a furnace held steady at 750°C. The material is deemed non-combustible if it does not sustain flame for a period longer than 5 seconds at any time during the test among other strict measures.

Baxta Screeded Level Render

Our SLR is a pre-blended cement render manufactured to exacting specifications composed of high quality washed and graded sand, General Purpose Grey Portland Cement, Off White Portland Cement and proprietary additives conforming to Australian Standard 3972.

This product is properly cured, exhibiting minimal drying shrinkage and is a reliable surface for over-coating with acrylic textures and paints and uses finer grade sands and fillers than standard pre-blended renders that can be used where a finer and smoother texture is desired.

Baxta SLR is the only render on the market that has a traditional procedure installation manual for traditional sand cement appearances.

Our SLR being AS 1530.1 certified is critical in terms of render, especially given the danger fires pose in the Australian climate. In recent years, façades have gone up in flames after cladding has been swapped out at the last minute, causing occupants to lose their lives.

You can discover more about our high-quality SLR, as well as TDS and SDS downloads for the product, here.


Image Credit | Ocean Road Magazine

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