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The Right Way to Paint a Brick Exterior

The Right Way to Paint a Brick Exterior

It seems simple in theory – you want to freshen up your brick exterior so you choose your paint, grab a roller and get busy painting.

The only problem is you’ve failed to remember the golden rule when it comes to ensuring you get the perfect look you’re after and that is proper preparation is key.

As experts in all things painting, the team at Baxta can attest there are a range of essentials you need to consider before applying paint to any brick surface.

While brick exteriors look great, it is hard to achieve the perfect finish given they are always exposed to the elements. Day-in, day-out they bear the brunt of the weather and climate, with everything from extreme rain to blistering sun taking their toll.

That’s why before even touching a paintbrush, you need to ensure the bricks are free of dirt, mould and mildew, keeping in mind that the latter will still grow under a fresh coat of paint.

Familiarise yourself with the term ‘efflorescence’ as that is the white powder that forms on the surface of bricks and your first target for removal. The best way to do this is with a wire brush and while a labour-intensive exercise, it’s one that will be well worth the effort.

Next, use a high quality cleaning solution to power wash the exterior before allowing the bricks to dry for several days. If needed, you should then mend any cracks or damage to the bricks and use a primer or undercoat to help smooth the surface.

It’s then time to get busy painting and start transforming your brick exterior into the pride of the street.

It will be a sizeable project, with careful preparation and ongoing maintenance essential, but with the correct approach and quality advice and materials from the team at Baxta, it won’t be one you regret.

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