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Baxta - Expert Guide to Exterior Coating

Baxta – Expert Guide to Exterior Coating

Imagine if painting a house or property was as simple as just choosing the right colour. Black or grey? Red or blue? Honestly, it would too good to be true.

And that’s because exterior coatings require much more research than simply flicking through a colour scheme guide, especially in the sunburnt country that is Australia.

One only has to spend 10 minutes beneath the blazing Aussie sun at the peak of summer to appreciate how harsh the climate is Down Under and why outdoor paint does much more than merely give a property colour.

From the baking sun and torrential rain to icy snow or salt and sand depending on where one lives, an exterior coating will increase the lifespan of a building by protecting and strengthening the substrate from fading, flaking and peeling, along with the challenges wildlife throw at it.

Just as roofs are protected by heavy-duty coatings, walls need to be coated with the best exterior paint for specific environments and building materials.

Fortunately, our team of experts at Baxta believe in selling the system, not just paint, and have developed three types of external colours in a range of different colours that can be applied with ease.

Each coating is suited to different environments and surfaces and given the peace of mind that comes with 10-year warranties, it’s little wonder more and more people are considering Baxta the only answer for their external coating needs.

Baxta Elements Exterior Weather Protection: tough and durable, this exterior paint offers protection for your home in any weather conditions or climate. Featuring technology designed to keep your building looking better for longer, it is designed to provide excellent dirt resistance and flexibility for greater protection. We back this product’s outstanding durability with a 10-year warranty and customers are huge fans of its high performance polymers, ease of application, UV block out, self-priming and ability to inhibit mould and mildew.

Baxta Maxicap Shield Paint: a pure acrylic, high performance, elastomeric coating, you will go a long way before finding a better outdoor paint for properly prepared substrates and surfaces including brick, block, off-form concrete, tilt up and previously painted substrates. Applied in a variety of styles by roller or spray, Baxta Maxicap Shield Paint systems have a good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and excellent resistance to mould and fungi. Boasting a 10-year warranty, its benefits include good flexibility, excellent elasticity and crack bridging capabilities, great resistance to dirt, mould and fungi, and barrier forming to external moisture that allows substrate moisture to escape.

Baxta Maxicap Elastomeric Paint: if you are looking for an outdoor paint ideally suited to applications that require a superior level of protection such as high-rise buildings, commercial buildings and areas of high coastal exposure, stop searching now. A pure acrylic matt finish, high performance elastomeric coating that can be applied by brush, roller or spray, the vapour permeably of Baxta Maxicap Elastomeric Paint is carefully controlled to form a barrier to external moisture. With a 10-year warranty and excellent flexibility, this water-based paint is easy to use and maintain with excellent adhesion to properly prepared substrates. Other benefits include excellent colour retention, very high water resistance, long-term exterior protection and mould and scuff resistance.

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