We Specify Systems, Not Products.

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Baxta Render Products for Revit

At Baxta Engineered Coatings, we specify systems, not products. A system is only as strong as the sum of its parts, which is why Baxta provides custom assemblies that are engineered to perform, designed to impress, and proven to hold up to their promises. The Baxta approach begins and ends with you – the architects, builders, and paint contractors building the future of our world. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce an entire suite of BIM resources for our leading render products – to further the ongoing revolution in modern building envelope design and construction.
Browse the Baxta BIM Library below or on BIMsmith, where you can access all of our render Revit materials, view technical documents, and compare our products side by side. 

Join Baxta and Australia’s leading architects in ushering in a bright new future for building exteriors. Get started with Baxta Engineered Coatings in Revit today.

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