We Specify Systems, Not Products.


Who is Baxta Engineered Coatings?

Baxta is a third-party manufacturer and specialist consultancy company for paints, textures and renders, specialising in major construction projects. Working with Developers, Architects, Builders and Painting Contractors to provide the best systems and product advice to ensure that both interior and exterior building finishes are correctly matched to the different substrates used throughout the project.

What experience does the Baxta team have?

Baxta is headed by General Manager Bob Matthews who has an extensive 30 year history in the coatings industry, across a variety of leadership positions within the top Australian paint and render manufacturers covering several markets (including trade,retail, marine, protective coatings, metal coatings,timber and new technologies such as UV cured coatings)

What warranties are available for Baxta systems?

Baxta provides 10 year and 15 year warranties on their coating systems, Baxta warrants the system from the substrate out, NOT JUST A PRODUCT WARRANTY.

What is the warranty claim process for Baxta?

A good question, with in-excess of 165 tier one, two and three projects behind us we have not had one claim, however in the unlikely event a problem arises contact the Baxta team.

What sets Baxta apart from other major paint manufacturers?

Baxta is more than a manufacturer, Baxta is a solutions finding company a problem solving company, a company who puts solutions ahead of profits
Baxta is a systems driven manufacturer who source the best products from manufacturers bringing those products together to form the best systems

What is ProSpec, and what value does it bring?

Prospec was specifically designed and built for Baxta with systems in mind, identifying not only the common substrates but also the more challenging substrates such as Ritek, Polystyrene, and Blueboard, the correct application of systems and the product sequence offering the best protection

Do Baxta products conform to quality and standards?

Baxta products meet the Green Building Council, Good Environmental Choice Australia meeting low VOC and ultra low 6 star VOC requirements, Well version2 accreditation is underway

Do Baxta renders conform to AS1530 Non Combustibility requirement?

Yes Baxta Screeded Level Render (SLR) conforms

Where can I source Baxta products from and who can purchase them?

Baxta has product in Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane with Sydney.
The best way to order your product is on the 1300 85 22 40 number, we have a 2 hour turnaround time and pride ourselves on 100% on time in full

Does Baxta provide a Maintenance Manual?

Baxta provides a comprehensive tailored maintenance manual outlining how to achieve the full benefit from our coating systems along with warning signs to watch for.
A manual compiled to protect YOUR asset, not a manual to protect the manufacturer.

Would you mind sharing some of the projects, unusual systems, and problem solving systems Baxta have worked on?

The best way to answer these questions is to head to the Baxta www.baxta.com.au where you will find this information.